Booking Conference Resources provides sufficient server resources for your meetings/video conferences in international youth and school exchanges which can be booked easily with a form. This applies until the booking machine, a tool with which the form is integrated in your admin view of the conference on, is published.

When creating and testing the functions, your conference will be in test mode, i.e., you and a small team will test all the tools of the platform without restriction. As soon as the period for your conference has been defined, you must book your conference resources at least one week before your conference begins. Only then can we provide the required capacities for larger groups.

The portal partners will check in the background to what extent funding might be available for the requested conferences. Should this change for any reason, we will inform all users in good time.

Background: The video technology integrated at https:/ requires server capacities which must be scaled by the portal operators depending on the number of participants and duration.

Unlike commercial providers who seem to offer this service "free of charge", DINA does not use any of the users' data commercially (e.g., for advertising or the like).

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