Recording and Saving of Results

Recording video conferences and saving the chat and the notes

Video recording and saving conference contents

In order to record events from your meeting, you need an event with a BBB room. Please note that recording is only available for "Premium Conferences". You can find out more about premium conferences and how to upgrade your conference here.
Maybe you have already noticed the information message box about agreeing to a recording at your premium conferences?
Advice on recording
In the event settings you will find the section "BBB Video Conference Options". This is also where you will find the setting to enable the recording feature. Currently, our default setting is "Allow recording", but you can freely allow or disallow recording.
Recording settings
To start recording during a conference, simply press the upper button "start recording" within your BBB frame.
Start recording
You can see that a recording is currently running by the red recording icon and the time display next to it. You can pause your recording by pressing the red recording symbol again and continue it at a later time. This makes it easy to cut out program points, such as breaks, in advance.
Time display and pausing
The recordings save themselves. However, there are two criteria for this: Either all participants have left the conference or you have ended the conference via the three-point menu and "End conference" menu point. Saving can take a few minutes, so you won't necessarily be able to find your recording immediately after ending the conference.
Ending or leaving a conference in order to save
But where can you find your saved recordings in the first place? - You have to navigate to your conference settings in the left navigation bar of your conference under "Edit conference".
Open conference settings
There you will find the tab "Recorded Meetings", where you can manage your saved recordings. Here you can delete your recordings or click on the name of the recording to view the playback, i.e. your recording.
Recorded Meetings
In the playback you can click through the recording, adjust the playback speed, view the past chat and the shared notes.
Meeting playback player

Saving the chat and notes separately

BigBlueButton allows you to save both the public chat and the shared notes. In the public chat, this is done via the 3-point menu in the upper right corner of the chat window.
Save public chat as a text file (.txt)
The shared notes, on the other hand, can be downloaded in various formats (e.g. PDF, Word, ODF, HTML) via the download icon.
Save shared notes

Saving the list of participants

The (present) participants can also be downloaded in a text file. This is easily done via the cogwheel menu next to the list of participants.
Download names of participants