Producing Results

At conferences, topics can be dealt with from different points of view developing concrete results. If the results are to be processed further at a later stage, it is particularly important to ensure that the results are documented (e.g., via a linked DINA project in a results room). If the group is to take notes in parallel to the work process or if the documentation is to be used for visual support in the process, this can be done, e.g., on a collaborative tool such as a DINA project pad which can be accessed live by the participants. Ideally, before starting a work session, one should determine who will log results and appoint a responsible person. The rest of the group can then get fully involved in the work. The moderator holds the room for the group and should make sure that everyone gets a chance to speak. Depending on the setting, you can also ask rather quiet participants to participate in the chat, if they do not want to speak in front of the large group. Remember to always emphasise that every viewpoint is valuable and should be heard!