Participant Checklist

In order to successfully participate in a meeting on DINA, please find below some helpful hints to ensure that you provide the best conditions for smooth participation:
  • Dial in (if possible) with a PC or laptop (not with a smartphone or tablet).
  • Use a stable internet connection (if possible, use a LAN connection via cable instead of WLAN).
  • Currently, DINA.international works best with the browsers Firefox and Chrome whereas Safari is experiencing problems (if a conference is being interpreted, Safari is currently not working). We recommend that you use the latest version.
  • Use headphones or preferably a headset for the best audio quality and to avoid feedback.
  • Register well in advance to get to know the platform and its functions. Especially, if you use DINA from your workplace and your ability to make settings on your computer and browser is limited, an early test is highly recommended.
  • The platform requires consent for the use of audio output and camera. Depending on your browser settings, the respective window may open in the background. So, check if the window has opened in the background, if you cannot share your audio or video.
  • Make use of the technical check at the beginning of a meeting - if offered - in order to identify and solve any problems with the use of DINA.international in good time.