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Terms used at the conference centre

BigBlueButton is the integrated video conferencing solution used with DINA.international. BBB is freeware and therefore particularly privacy-friendly. As it is not developed commercially, certain features of commercial video conferencing tools may be added later.
With groups you can simplify cooperation in large networks or organisations. Groups can be used to represent several small projects, working groups or circles. Groups are a DINA feature outside the digital conference centre.
Conference / Event
Conference, event, get-together, exchange, meeting, workshop series - there are many ways a conference can look in your specific case. It is the greater framework in which your digital event takes place on DINA. Think of it as a large building containing rooms in which (video) events can take place.
Event rooms in DINA's digital conference centre can almost be thought of as physical rooms. They provide the "context" in which events can take place.
Room type
Just as in the analogue world, there are also different types of rooms in the digital conference centre. This can be, e.g., a reception room, a workshop room or a stage. The room type determines the type of events that can take place in it.
(Conference) Event
Events are held in the digital conference centre in one event room at a time. Depending on the room type, an event has different functions. In a workshop room, for example, an event offers a video function, while in a results room it represents a project on DINA which can be linked to the conference.
Administrator /Admin
Admins are responsible for a conference and have all rights. They can create, edit and delete rooms and events and are automatically moderators in all video conferences. They also manage the participants and can modify the conference itself.
Presenter/ Speaker/ Moderator
Moderators are the admins in a video conference. They can mute or remove participants during an ongoing meeting, share their screen / give others sharing rights, create group rooms, etc. Administrators can appoint ordinary members as moderators of individual events to lead the associated videoconference.
Members / Participants
Members are the normal participants of a meeting on DINA. They have no special rights, but can participate in existing events and enter all unlocked rooms. Admins can upgrade members to general admins or moderators of individual events.
The microsite is the signboard of a conference and can be viewed by outsiders. All relevant information about the conference can be provided here and interested parties can register for participation.
Conference view
The conference view shows the different rooms of the conference which can be entered from there. If you are in a room, you can enter, see or follow the events taking place there (sometimes an event can only be a static video or the list of participants).
Admin page
The Admin page contains the settings for the conference and can only be viewed by administrators. It is different from the conference view but many settings can also be made from the conference view.
Conference venue
We refer to the entire infrastructure of the digital conference centre as the conference venue, but in particular the conference view with its rooms and events.
Breakout-/Group rooms
Breakout or group rooms in BigBlueButton are small video conferences that can be started by moderators from within an ongoing video conference. This can be very practical, if you want to spontaneously divide a larger group into smaller (working) groups.
RocketChat is DINA.international's integrated open-source chat software. Via Rocket.Chat you can communicate with individuals or participate in group chats during a conference. It is also available as an APP for mobile phones and PCs.