Trainer search

DINA now offers you the possibility to mark yourself as a trainer, interpreter or exchange guide. Marked as such, other users can easily find you to contact you. You can showcase your skills and possibly be recruited for the next event on DINA.

My profile

The values you have entered can also be found in your profile in the column "About me" under the heading "Workshop and seminar offers".

Provide yourself as a trainer

To register yourself as a trainer, interpreter, or exchange guide, you will need to make changes to your profile via Edit My Profile.

In your profile settings you will now find the section "Workshop and seminar offers". Here you can check the type of trainer you want to be listed in the trainer search. For example, after you have checked the "Trainer" box, the settings for the various contents that you can offer as a trainer will expand automatically.

Most of the content you choose from a list of pre-set values, but the areas "Regional expertise / countries in which I have experience" and "Is there any other information that is not covered by the choices?" are multilingual free text fields where you can freely tell about yourself and mention qualities not covered before.

Search feature

To find trainers, interpreters and guides you have to navigate to the DINA map, click on the search bar "Search for Names, Topics and Places..." and then press the blue link "Search for trainers, exchange guides, interpreters" of the trainer search.

Alternatively, you can share the search form page directly via this link or go from the DINA landing page to the menu item "Trainer search".

After that, the "Hub" opens to search within the trainer search. This is the first instance where you can choose what kind of support you are looking for.

In the following masks you can specify your search.

For example, you can enter a name in the "Search term" search bar. However, all entries that are entered in the "About me" text, for example, are also displayed. The first search field is therefore the most powerful field and all others find their practice in enabling really specific searches. After a successful search, the found people will be listed below the search mask and you can contact them or take a closer look at their profile by pressing the corresponding buttons.

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