Chat in Rooms

When creating an event room, you can select the option "Show chat". By doing so, the room will be connected to the chat software Rocket.Chat integrated in DINA through which you can also communicate with individual members of the platform. The difference when using it within a conference is that all participants of the conference - if the chat function of a room is switched on - automatically join a room-specific group chat. This group chat is then displayed to them on the right in the corresponding room but can also be accessed via the normal message menu outside the conference (letter icon at the top right in the DINA menu bar).

The room-specific group chat is particularly suitable for clarifying questions about the events taking place in it. However, at least one person should be responsible for keeping an eye on the chats to ensure that such questions can be answered.

TIP: Rocket.Chat is also available as an app for mobile phones and PCs! To register, you need the DINA server address (chat.dina.interational) and your personal DINA access data

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