Video Features

BigBlueButton’s most important features

DINA's digital conference centre uses the open source programme BigBlueButton as an integrated video conferencing solution which is also frequently used in school and university contexts. The advantage of open source lies particularly in its (data) security as the programme code can be openly viewed and optimised by international IT experts. There is already a variety of manuals on the Internet for BigBlueButton describing its functions in detail. Nevertheless, we would like to highlight some features on the following pages that deserve special attention.

BigBlueButton works best with Chrome and Firefox. If you have problems with other browsers, try one of these two.

Since internet technology is constantly evolving, browsers should always be used in their latest version: If you have problems, please update your browser!

  1. Event name

  2. BigBlueButton video conference

  3. Open video conference in new tab

  4. Zoom video view (hides the rest of the conference view and enlarges the video window. Can be reversed by pressing the same button.)

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