Frequently Asked Questions

Just what might a digital conference on DINA look like?

You have never participated in a digital conference on the DINA platform? If so, this chapter will give you a brief overview:

pageConference View / Dashboard

How do I start a digital event with DINA?

Creating a digital conference on DINA is really easy! The basic framework is ready in just a few minutes. If you want to learn everything from scratch, then start here. If you want to get started straight away:

pageCreating a Conference / Event

What is a (digital) conference room?

You can imagine a digital room to be almost like an analogue one: something is happening in it and it can be equipped with different things (room type). In the context of DINA, it's digital events that may vary depending on the type of room. Each room has its own (web) page within your conference. We explain how to create rooms here:

pageEvent Rooms

What is your definition of events?

For us, events are always about what is happening in a room. In a workshop room this might be a video conference, in a café room a digital café table and in a stage room this might be a YouTube stream. The lobby room, on the other hand, simply lists the events from all the other rooms and turns them into an agenda. You can find out how to create events under the following link:


I have never organised a large event before, how can I activate and engage participants?

For this purpose, we have dedicated an entire chapter to many different formats and inspirations for you. Please check it out:

pageMake the Most out of Your Digital Meetings!

How do video conferences work in the digital conference centre?

DINA's digital conference centre uses BigBlueButton video technology. We have compiled a few of the most important functions for you in this chapter:

pageVideo Features

How do I present my event to the outside world?

Every digital conference on DINA has a so-called microsite. It is your space to be really creative and provide all relevant information about your event. Furthermore, interested parties can also register for the event via the microsite.


Do participants of a digital conference need to have an account with DINA?

Currently, participants of a digital conference on the DINA platform still need a user account. However, we are working on providing access to digital events without an account. An external user with a login and password will then be able to gain temporary access to a conference. As soon as this function is available, it will be displayed to the conference admin.

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