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Interpreter Checklist

At international conferences what matters is not only good moderation but also that it is understood in the different languages. For this purpose, DINA offers an interpreting function which of course must be attended by interpreters. Below are a few helpful tips on how to prepare the interpreters:
  • Dial in with a PC or laptop that is as powerful as possible (we recommend at least 4, preferably 8 GB RAM).
  • Use a stable internet connection with at least 20 Mbit (if possible, use the LAN connection via cable instead of WLAN).
  • We recommend that you use the latest versions of Firefox or Chrome. At present, the interpreting booth cannot be used with Safari.
  • Use a high-quality headset.
  • Before the conference, run a test with all interpreters to get to know the setting on DINA and to rehearse for emergencies.
  • If necessary, open a side room next to the main room where you are translating where you turn on your cameras but keep the microphones off so that you can see your colleagues and give each other tips.
  • Please make sure to keep your microphone muted throughout the conference to avoid background noise. Please only unmute your microphone when you are speaking.